Saturday, January 01, 2005

Parents, Bookmark This! 

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In implementing 2005 project Kiddie Records Weekly, the folks at Basic Hip Digital Oddio will digitize-for-download one classic children’s record every week this year, with the entire project taken from "…the golden age of children’s records," defined here as "a period which ran from the mid 1940s into the early 1950s."

Thanks to Mp3blogger cb of the of mirror eye for the reportage, plus a reminder that only the dedicated will have eventual access to the full set of 52 mp3s:

You’ll be able to access a low quality audio stream throughout the whole process, but you’ll only be able to d/l a high quality mp3 during the week that the record is featured. Awesome!

Indeed. Those (like myself) who tend to keep a kiddie playlist on the iPod would be well advised to bookmark Basic Hip project Kiddie Records Weekly, and add upcoming downloads to their calendars. Similarly, those (like myself) enamored of kiddie kitsch from years past would be well advised to do the same. To help in your planning, the site lists three months worth of future weekly features.

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