Thursday, January 20, 2005

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Today's conference on Student Learning and Technology rocked -- lots of funky statistics and anecdote made this sociology-of-learning-technologies boy very happy. How validating to learn that the only possible answer to the question "does this technology have a positive effect on student achievement and learning" must always be "we cannot know for sure, but here are some ideas and observations." Frustrating, too, of course. But validating, and reassuring.

Nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd, too. Though a desire to stay connected to classroom learning and student discussion has me just barely beginning to lean towards prep school teaching (or PhD programs in learning technologies and/or sociology of technology and informatics) next year over some sort of college-level instructional support vocationally-speaking, it's good to know that if it comes to that, I'll have the networking part sewn up before I even begin.

Unfortunately, sitting in those evil conference chairs for 6 hours, plus a total of three more driving the sunken-seat Grand Marquis through stress-inducing windshield spatter and saltspray, has caused severe tire damage to my herniated disk. I can barely see through all the pain and Aleve, and will return home to ice my back immediately following the end of this sentence.

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