Sunday, January 30, 2005

No Blog Today 

We're in the frantic midst of packing years worth of accumulated junk into a neverending series of boxes. Man, those last few piddly, delicate things take forever to organize.

Moving day tomorrow. More later.

Update 8:46 pm:

The packing is essentially done. While the wife puts the kid to bed in the old apartment for the very last time, I'm on the "new" campus, testing the new house's washer and dryer, catching up on cyberlife in that lag time between laundry loads.

The movers show tomorrow at eight. Darcie and I will direct cardboard-laden human traffic while kid and dog head up to the grandparents house with the promise of homemade rice pudding for one, woods-romping for the other.

Then the unpacking begins. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

Hey, did I mention I applied for a job in Halifax? And that the prep school placement agency sent my resume off for almost two dozen hybrid English/History positions? Keep your fingers crossed for little ol' "rightsized" me!

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