Sunday, January 16, 2005

News From Home 

Stumbled across a tidbit of interesting ridiculousness at Michael's place tonight. Thought I'd share. (Isn't that what blogging's about?)

Anyway. Seems the Newton, Massachusetts schools which I attended as a boy, once regionally recognized for scholastic excellence, have slipped significantly in their MCAS math scores ever since "the district superintendent 'redesigned' the math curriculum," replacing a traditional algebra-based curriculum with something called 'anti-racist multicultural math' -- a type of "math" that apparently prioritizes self-analysis, peer-bias-watching, experience-sharing, and the pre-capitalized Respect for Human Differences, none of which leaves room for actual math.

So that's one more school system I won't be applying to for work next year. My sympathies to Jo, who has to live near and with the fruits of this pedagogical travesty.

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Oh, GOOD gravy. Don't get me started on that. That's right up there with the "why teach kids computation when there are calculators" theory.
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