Monday, January 10, 2005

Musical Notes 

1. Weekly radio show this evening from ten to midnight EST. Live stream not yet online. As always, however, new downloads will be included in the playlist, so stay tuned! (Any requests?)

2. In order to protect my legal ass and save server space, last week's downloads will go permanently offline later this evening. If you want 'em, get 'em quick!

3. Speaking of downloads, there are also some excellent mash-ups in paragraph 3 of yesterday's post

4. I still love my iPod. 3200 songs and counting! The ubiquity of white earbuds in the library has become a teaching and sharing opportunity; I've started showing students how to use theirs for data portage and network folder back-up. Musically speaking, I'm most enamored of the way the "shuffle" option spits out an appropriate (if odd) playlist no matter your mood. Is your iPod psychic, too?

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