Tuesday, January 18, 2005

More Things Not To Do (the CNN edition) 

Fun with CNN today, since I was already there helping a student learn about the recent Mississippi librarians vs. Jon Stewart fiasco (ban one day, reversal the next) for her project on American bookbanning. Thus: things NOT to do, as learned from today's top news stories:

1. Try a handstand on a 2nd floor balcony railing. "Watch to see what I can still do," indeed.

2. Ridicule cows. Hey, if 1500 cows can make enough methane to power 330 Vermont households, who am I to laugh?

3. Laugh out loud in the library. But really, given the headline "Rice grilled at hearing," wouldn't you laugh, too? Mmmmmm...grilled rice.

4. Reveal your mildly dirty mind when working with students. NASA's mission on Mars is both serious and legitimate, but there's a pair of library patrons who will never hear the word "probe" again without giggling.

5. Read the education news more than once a week. Schools dropping PE instead of fixing the accountability issues which plague the subject? Isolating (and thus ostracizing?) post-addiction students in "recovery dorms"? The continued fight over evolution and creationism, this time over whether it's okay to have sticker disclaimers on textbooks? Switching from biodegradable (and nostalgic) milk cartons to plastic milk bottles merely because students prefer them after years spent drinking sugarwater from the same type of containers at home? My blood pressure has enough pushing it these days, thanks.

I mean, really. I go to CNN for news, not silliness and stress. If I wanted irony and Darwinian failures, I'd stick to Fark.

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