Thursday, January 13, 2005

Long Time Gone 

Sorry about the unusually large timegap since the last post -- the rural New England universe has been hit by almost 48 hours of ice and snow, and we've been snug at home, netless, for the duration. Was nice to have some family time, though; managed to get Willow to bed sans spouse last night, so at least the New Years Resolutions seem to be moving apace.

At the mo I'm between meetings, on my way to the last of four career reorientation workshops (today we're scheduled to discuss interview strategies). I'll have some blogtime tonight during my library study hall shift, though. Almost finished with an odd half-post about Seinfeldian humor, and currently gnawing on a stick tossed by Jo of Counting Sheep, so expect this and perhaps other sundries later this evening.

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