Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today's Best 

Randomalia from a short post-nap surf, couched in the language of awards. Yes, when I nap (which isn't often), I nap from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Doesn't everybody?

The award for Best Name Under Which To File Blogger Posts goes to StuckHereWithNoTV, for the tag line Typed, and then deleted, and then typed again, and then stared at for five minutes by StuckHereWithNoTV.

The award for Dumbest Matricidal Blogger goes to Rachel Waterman, age 16, for convincing two 24-year-old ex-boyfriends to kill her mother and then blogging about it.

The award for Best New Premise For A Blog goes to brand new metablog Sigmund, Carl and Alfred, which analyses blogger types from a psychotherapist's chair.

The award for Best Reason Why College Students Should Embrace On-Line Porn goes to UPenn Junior Melody Joy Kramer for her article comparing porn to Cocoa Puffs.

The award for Most Potentially Dangerous Subject For Distance Learning is shared by the great state of Virginia, which offer online Drivers Ed.

The award for Most Subjectively Surprising New Blogmark goes to Kevin, M.D., a medical weblog which mixes real case-studies and popmed analysis with literate compassion.

In a related note, the award for Most Interesting Concept In Modern Medical Practice, at least from the layperson's perspective, goes to the new global-scale Grand Rounds, a weekly top-ten cases linklist which is hosted by a different medblog each week. Bonus tie-in to Bloggercon here.

The award for Most Personally Relevant Laugh of the Day goes to the Onion for their Fighting Insomnia tipslist, which reminds us that although it's tempting to use liquor as a cure for chronic sleeplessness, be warned: Liquor is quite expensive.

Finally, the award for Best Replacement For Tom Brokaw, whose last broadcast occurred while I was sleeping, goes to Brian Williams, who was hilarious and wry on the Daily Show last night. (Yes, I know this has nothing to do with blogsurfing, but I was reminded about it by this Fark discussion.)

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I officially nominate myself for "Biggest Blog Whore". (Links, my friend, not sex - my booty belongs to my wife.)
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