Friday, December 24, 2004

The iPod Meme 

I've put the last of the CDs on, added those digital files I've been dragging around on various network harddrives, hit the best of the mp3blogs. (Also bought one song off the iTunes online Music Store 'cause it was stuck in my head -- damn you, John Mayer!) Total storage is up to 8.99 gigs, which works out to around 2389 songs, give or take a few long-play readalouds and a couple of hour long episodes of etown.

So I guess we're ready to meme.

The challenge: hit shuffle, and report the first ten songs that pop up. No cheating, by which I assume we mean hiding songs that mark you as audiolame. Here's the results:
  1. Theme from the Black Hole -- George Clinton (funk)

  2. Sweetest Song -- Salamander Crossing (bluegrass)

  3. River Road -- Mark Erelli (folk)

  4. Mother Nature's Son -- Jason Falkner (children's music / alternative)

  5. One Little Song -- Gillian Welch (neo-americana)

  6. Cassidy -- Grateful Dead (jam)

  7. More Love -- Dixie Chicks (country)

  8. Sally Ann -- Natalie Merchant (neo-americana)

  9. Horses -- The Be Good Tanyas (canadian folk)

  10. Last Fair Deal Gone Down -- Crooked Still (bluegrass / neo-americana)

  11. Hey Rose -- Girlyman (queerfolk)
Immediately followed by Dave Carter, Barenaked Ladies, Phish, Chris Smither, Sarah Harmer, Guster, and Los Lobos, in that order.

Not bad, if I do say so myself, though I guess I expected more alternapop in the mix -- maybe a little less bluegrass, more De La Soul, TMBG, Ani Difranco, that kind of stuff. And it's just dumb luck that Willow's car-ride kiddie albums didn't crop up.

And speaking of the not-for-shuffle genres: does the holiday playlist stay or go post-Christmas?

posted by boyhowdy | 11:46 PM |

What a great playlist. I shouldn't be suprised at this point, though. I love Guster so much....
Jason Faulkner b da man...I LOVED his old band, Jellyfish.

Ok...enough postin' to yer blog...gonna update mine.
Umm...Jason Faulkner wasn't in Jellyfish. Sorry, man.
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