Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hypothetical Blog Entries I Wish I Had Time For 

1. Too Many Mommyblogs, Not Enough Daddyblogs: Is Feminism Dead?

2. The UCC Advertisement Is Too Controversial For Network Advertising: Why CBS Made The Right Decision For The Wrong Reasons, And Why NBC Is Being Unfairly Attacked Despite Not Making The Same Dumb Mistake CBS Made

3. Where The Hell Is All The Damn Snow?

4. Weeding Books: How Your Local Library Uses Lessons Learned From Selling Ketchup To Determine Which Books Go And Which Stay, Especially When Moving The Whole Collection From Two Campuses To One

5. Why I Like Capital Letters

6. Why I Like Lists

7. "Why" And Other Questions: How To Handle A Precocious Two Year Old

8. Things I Want For Christmas and Hanukkah Which, For One Reason Or Another, Can't Or Won't Be On My Amazon Wishlist

9. Where Are All The Screwdrivers When You Need Them?

10. Same Old Corduroy Coat

11. This Blogentry Goes To Eleven: Top Movie Phrases I Use Regularly

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