Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Email To My Brother 

Because I just didn't have the heart to write this out twice today.

Dear Jesse:

Thanks for the concern.

My entire department was cut today. Not surprising, I guess -- we're the only ones who have been trained to see our own delivery model as the best way to do something vital. Sucks for the school, but, as the head of school said in our one-on-one notification meeting today, "we'll bump along for a while."

I think you should put objects in the button-maker: matches, paper clips, etc. Also cut-outs of odd anachronistic images, like on those xeroxes you used to make and plaster all over your wall. Also single words which seem to have no context on a button: fish, startle, beep, the, button. Minimalism is best (but you knew that).

The iPod rocks. In 48 hours I've moved 149 songs onto it -- only 3 CDs, but lots of live jamband and folk stuff on artist websites on the web. Great to be able to play it in the car, and then continue the same song when I get into the office.

Wait, I am at the office. Am I supposed to be working?

Well, hell. What are they going to do -- fire me?

We're off to Florida midmorning Thursday, so I probably won't be writing much until Christmas. Need some time to clear my head, y'know? We'll say hi to Hy for you.


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I'm really sorry and sad to hear this, Josh.

I'm trying to figure out the best words to say - I've been in the same situation, now twice in one year (got laid off in Jan. of this year, then the company I was working for went under in October), so it's a bummer - real bummer. Shit - it's a FUCKING royal bummer.

But keep your head up - that school's loss is gonna be another school's gain.
Your talent survives. You'll see, any school you want will snap you up in a second, you watch. Have faith. Have a good holiday. HUGS.
You are a very talented man. I know I learned a lot from you while I was at NMH. Look around, local colleges and that sort. I think you have a lot of very marketable skills.

What an awful start to the "gift-mass" season... :(


Awww, hell.
That happened to my dad, two years ago - laid off the week before Christmas. Awful.
So sorry to hear it.

Vanessa / sarsparilla
Just wanted to say sorry and add that it could be the best thing to happen. I know it doesn't look that way right now. My job ends Dec30th after 10 years. I'll never make the same $$$ I did again, it was fun while it lasted. Now in January I'm off to cooking school and my passions, I would have NEVER done it without a good quick kick in the butt. You'll come out the other side on top, you'll see.

~jo - countingsheep
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