Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Blogging Service 

Yet another nifty idea out of BloggerCon3, this one a clear demonstration of how blogging has taken in the cyberthink potlatch mentality originally attributed to the communards of the WELL way back when the web was new. And so simple, it speaks for itself:
Bloggercorps is a blog. No office. No admin. No fund-raising. No funds. No staff. No meetings. It will evolve organically based on the needs of the people who wind up using it:

- The authors (a wide-ranging group comprised mainly of bloggers, activists, and tech organizations who work with non-profits) will post announcements on behalf of organizations who need help starting blogs or building blogging communities.

- The posts will be categorized according to the organization's geographical location, and in some cases its main focus issue.

- Bloggers interested in helping that particular organization can express their interest in the comments section attached to that post.

- The organization will then decide which of the volunteers it wants to follow up with.

- All arrangements will be made directly between organizations and bloggers. Bloggercorps will not mediate.

Back in 1993, I was saved from being just another college dropout sullenly inhabiting my parents' basement by City Year, the pre-Americorps "Urban Peace Corps" out of Boston. Since then, I've taught, tutored, and invested in community service -- first via local elementary schools, later through my advisees, dorm, and assigned house here at the prep school.

For me, the comradeship and peer learning of these situations has always been an essential aspect of their success -- and, more, of my ability as service-giver to commit to their success. Yeah, I know it's not all about me; what I mean is, I'm a people person. My talent is in teaching. My own recent two day hairtearing redesign session tells me I'm not the best person to make blogs for other people.

On the plus side, I love the idea. I love, especially, that Bloggercorps is nonpartisan -- which provides the opportunity for people to commit to service for their own resons, and to look for a good match of ideals between volunteer and org-in-need.

And maybe it's time I started volunteering again.

So I'm bookmarking Bloggercorps. I may not the best or brightest, but I'm willing to look regularly, keep an eye out for someone I can really help. Why not join me? I mean, heck: it's the blogger way.

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