Friday, December 03, 2004

Am I Not Geeky Enough 

Wired's yearly compendium of cool tools includes a list of 30 toys under $30 bucks, and I don't want any of them. Except maybe the genetically-modified glowing fish. But personal ear-mounted turn signals? Ew.

Proud to be a pop culture, media, academia, and otherwise social science geek, though. Kitsch rocks my world. So if you want to get something for me this year, see Unemployed Philosopher's Guild and Archie McPhee for a much better "30 under 30" wishlist. Anything -- from either catalog -- will do.

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I'm not that geeky either :P The turn signals.. what a weird one... I guess it's good if you're biking...
Dude - yer a geek. If ya comment on a blog, yer a geek. If you blog on a blog, yer a geek.

Admit it - it'll be less of a harship for ya.
I love love love your blog. And I am so going to jump at your offer to help with my classes next semester because Lord knows I need whatever help I can get! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)
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