Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What You Want (Baby I Got It) 

I have far too much to do at work and home, so of course I'm thinking about the blog overhaul I've tentatively scheduled as a Christmas present to myself.

I'm still looking at a mostly linear layout, but I'm pretty excited about the design possibilities, and am whetting my rusty-but-1337 photoshop skills as we speak. Also plotting some "favorite entries" stuff, an updated set of daily reads and commonly used tools, and of course a long-overdue blogroll update. Perhaps some sidebar access to the most recent comments --a function I enjoy very much on other blogs, as it pulls one into discussions, and thus deeper into the chronology of the blog itself.

Most significantly, I'm also considering a second sidebar just for ME stuff. Because it turns out, that's what most people want.

Let's be clear: the redesign is for me. I'm long overdue for a better carrier for my thoughts. But though I've maintained for a long while that my blog is about the writing (and have obscured/deleted the usual "about me" stuff accordingly), after reading many informative testimonials from blogexplosion surfers about how they spend their 30 seconds, I'm thinking it's possible to balance more first-screen access to the usual "about me" stuff (photo, resume, a pithy description, reading/listening) with my preference for the literary by heavily featuring actual entries about me (for example: 30 things, 100 demons, $10,000,000).

But why guess? Since I'm plotting my redesign to serve your better enjoyment, tell me what you want to know about me. What do you want to have access to on my (or any) blog? What of me do you wish to see? Tell me, and I'll seriously consider making it happen -- let the wild comments rumpus begin!

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Paris Hilton porn!
Kylie Minogue!
Paris AND Kylie!
But sal...why would you need me to provide these when they're available anywhere/everywhere else?

Here at NAWWAL, we pride ourselves on the quirky. Now, if you wanted, say, naked pictures of Rosie O'Donnel or Spongebob Squarepants...

(note for trolls: the last phrase above is a joke. Although it is true that Rosie O'Donnel has been naked at one time or another in her life, I am in no way interested in pictures, if there are any, and would not proivde them if I had any. Furthermore, the choice to use Rosie O'Donnel as a foil here in no way should be taken as a comment on her attractiveness or lack thereof, on the desirability of such purely theoretical pictures, or on any preference I might have for kiddie icons now sadly lost to the television ether after coming out of the closet when selecting random pop culture references.)
I'm looking for a bologna sonnet. Ou es la? E it to me! editor@asininepoetry.com Would love to read it.
You need a
Monday Mosh
Can we get rid of Jesus?
....er...let me rephrase that. What's the deal with Jesus?
Hmm...this isn't going well, is it? OK, never mind Jesus, then. Just put up what you want to put up, and screw the rest.
Not Jesus, of course.
Oh Goddamn.
1. Shaw: Have been thinking about a Monday mosh, yes. But does this belong HERE, or would it be better to host it on a sparate blog? I'm leaning towards the latter...

2. Anne: the only reason Jesus is there is that a) I used to look like him before I cut my hair, and b) given that, when I made a section called "coming soon" I thought it would be hilarious to have a "Jesus is coming" reference. Not so funny unless you're me, though - perhaps the message here is that in jokes to myself should remain in my head where they belong.
That's Jesus?

I thought that was Kurt Cobain?
How about an "Ask a Question" section. I've been dying to know what your thoughts are on Comedy Central's new animated reality series.
That's a GREAT idea, B. Maybe even a form.

What's the best language for this? "Request a blogpost on a specific topic?" "Submit blogfodder here?" "What You Want Me To Talk About, Yo?"
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