Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Parenting Tip Learned The Hard Way 

Please buy me this for the holidays...

Check the kid's pockets for crayons twice before throwing them in the wash with all your favorite dress pants.

From the plethora of batik-like stains on my new brown and khaki cords, we seem to have missed a grey one, a half a yellow one, and as many as three reds. Crayola recommends some complicated procedure involving WD40 and dishwashing detergent -- useful, I suppose, if you're dealing with a single spot, have your own washing machine and a full day on your hands, but not when you've none of the above.

Here's hoping this is one of those parenting lessons you only get wrong once.

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I used to have a spot removing recipe using Tide with Bleach. You took one part? Tide with Bleach, one part automatic dishwashing liquid, and I think one part regular dishwashing liquid and let it sit on the spots. You can also take paper towel and an iron and iron the spot over the paper towel to aborb the excess wax. After that you use the Tide recipe. I am not much help since this also is a very time consuming way to get the crayon out. It does work, you just have to be careful the item is not color fast.

Anyway, I really just wanted to let you know I have been there before. Oh, the crayon days.....
hey - it's a stain of honor. consider it da purple heart of parenthood.
...there's also the crayola color wonder markers that only work on color wonder paper. my daughter LOVES 'em, except for the not showing up on carpeting, clothing, walls, cats, etc... :)
Ummm...don't leave tissues in yer pocket, either. Heh. Heh. I need to call the repairman now....
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