Wednesday, November 03, 2004

On The 'Pad 

Yeah, that pad.

No, not this blog. This one.

Categorical posting, easy design on multiple levels, better photoformatting, a quick toggle from design element mucking-around to code, comments that actually work -- much of the functionality we were looking for in our new NMH Library Reading Room blog just wasn't happening in the tools I'm used to.

So I spent the day making a mock-up. And I got so into it, I didn't even make it to blogexplosion today (true addicts will understand).

Thanks to everyone, especially Anne and EricJ, for so patiently trying to get me to see the light through the long struggle with blogger. I'm amazed by what I was able to accomplish in about four hours with this and a little bit of PhotoShop, and eager to play more. Now: how the hell do I hop over without causing utter disaster?

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I understand your frustrations with and I'm thinking of making the jump myself. I'm just so lazy that I keep my denial alive (it'll get better soon)

lol :)
Aha! Bout freakin' time! Ahem. OK enough gloating. It's easy to transfer everything from blogger to typepad. Read this article (The part you want is halfway down the page).
As for comments...well...that's another story. Comments don't transfer automatically over. You can search for a way to do it, but when I joined typepad, there was no way to do it that I could find, so I just didn't. It's up to you how much you want to dig for an answer. If you're totally stumped, try searching hereCheers and welcome aboard!
Err...rather.. THIS post, halfway down the page, will tell you how to import.
Welcome to Movable Type... sort of. TypePad is nice and you'll love it more and more as you increase your usage. I prefer pure MT but I like hacking around and tweaking things that way.

Glad you started up a TypePad blog dude. Blogger has gotten much, much better but it still sucks.
A day without Explosion? How ever did you survive? Heh.
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