Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Kind Of Rebirth 

So much to say. Since Friday
  • my grandmother's unexpected death in Florida

  • a whirlwind visit to brother and Brooklyn

  • the beginnings of Thanksgiving prep for 20

  • student progress reports and grades due noon tomorrow
But this is neither time nor place. We'll get there eventually.

For now, though I'm not sure what it means just yet, I'm blogging again.

And why not? The show must go on. What does not kill you only makes you stronger. Rage, rage, into the dying of the night, and all that.

The cliches may be a bit thick on the ground, like the fog that lies heavy throughout the hallowed, darkened streets of this our beloved institution -- a phrase I may never again be able to write without some modicum of self-awareness, even irony. But I'm the kind of person who does the radio show even when the students are away on holiday. The kind of guy who wanders, though society says stay. An iconoclast, if you will. And I'll be damned if I'm going to sell my soul to the company store.

So here's to beginning again -- two years to the day from the very first post here at Not All Who Wander Are Lost. And, in honor of this particular rebirth, here's tonight's tributary playlist, an otherwise unheard, somewhat shaky songset befitting a return to blogging neither triumphant nor slinkback, but as yet undefined, cautious and creative. One day at a time, eh?

Tributary 11/22/04

Skavoovie & The Epitones -- Fat Soul

::livemusic block::
Galactic -- Tiger Roll
Los Lonely Boys w/ Willie Nelson -- Cisco Kid
Santana -- Se A Cabo
Ben Harper -- Mama's Got A Girlfriend
Barenaked Ladies -- The Old Apartment
Jack Johnson -- Rodeo Clowns

::beatlescovers block::
Lonnie Mack -- From Me To You
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones -- Oh Darling
The Posies -- I'm Looking Through You
The Bobs -- Helter Skelter
Eddie Vedder -- You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Alison Krauss -- I Will
Aimee Mann and Michael Penn -- Two Of Us

::altfolk block::
Girlyman -- My Sweet Lord
Eddie From Ohio -- Candido & America
Erin McKeown -- Slung-lo
Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem -- Turtle Dove
Mindy Smith -- It's Amazing
The Waifs -- London Still
Indigo Girls -- Least Complicated

::ain't sleeping yet block::
Cake -- Wheels
Suzanne Vega -- 99.9 F
David Byrne -- Like Humans Do
Lyle Lovett -- I've Been To Memphis
Johnny Cash -- Folsome Prison Blues
Nick Drake -- Pink Moon
Gillian Welch -- Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

You've been listening to Tributary, your ten to midnight monday night show on WNMH 91.5 fm.

More importantly, you're reading my blog, damnit. And I'm not giving this wandering up for anyone.

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quite right. a man's blog is his castle.
WOOHOO! *dances around like an idiot*. Er...that is...AHEM. So glad to see you back.
Sorry to hear bout your grandmother.
So sorry to hear about your loss. May her memory be a blessing, and may the coming holiday season bring you comfort.
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