Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Going Public? (A Call For Anecdotes) 

In response to recent events, I am considering dropping the pseudonym and adding more about the man-behind-the-boyhowdy when I go for the total and long-overdue redesign over Christmas break.

Whether you've done it yourself or just seen it done, comments on this one would be immensely helpful. I am especially curious about how going "real" might affect the tonality of blog and blogger.

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Even though 99% of folks already know who the man behind "Boyhowdy" is, putting your name to what you do here shows that you have conviction in your work and you believe in it. You're putting your "John Hancock" on it.

Of course, there's always going to be consequences, and there might be more when you put your name on it. Like it or not, "Boyhowdy", the world is catching up to us.

No longer can you, me, Eric J. or other bloggers just throw out comments out and expect it to fade into a black hole. We now get REACTIONS, both seen and unseen, to things we say and do.

It's kinda scary for me - folks are now googling me for stuff that I've said in the past as well as current stuff on my blog and reacting to it. The scary part is that now I'm getting folks who confront me IN PERSON about it.

But I'm afraid it's something I'm going to have to get used to. I think you can probably handle things like this better than I can...
I suppose by changing the blog to show your real name, people will be able to google ya. That's one reason I don't use my real name unless I have to. My close friends who read the blog and that I do know in person respect that, and they really only refer to me outside of the blogosphere. I've had a few people slip and use my real name, but it's never a big deal. It gets lost in the comments.. I use the pseudonym to have a little bit of anonymity, although by posting pictures, it doesn't do much. If people already know who you are, what difference does it make whether your name is stamped on it or not??
This is a tricky thing and it really all depends. The Google factor is something to consider but that's assuming you don't want this blog to be one of the first things people see when they search for your name. If that's not an issue, then go for it.

I don't use my name on that Quixtar Blog thing I do but it hasn't prevented some nutjob from starting an entire blog trying to discredit and attack me. He makes sure to use my full name several times in each post. Do I care? Not yet. But it's creepy nonetheless.
Every blogger I've seen using their own name or seen "outed" has regretted it. They must thereafter guard their words and the blog becomes chore.
I've always had my own name on Velveteen Rabbi, and I'm pleased to report that so far I haven't regretted that for an instant.

Granted, I blog less about my life and more about the esoteric contents of my head. Maybe I would be more reticent to use my name if I were venting about work or my family life...

Good luck w/ the redesign! I'm glad you're sticking around, in whatever guise.
Hmm I've yet to witness any bad effects of using my real name (although saying that, I'm just asking for it, aren't I?) I'd say in very personal blogs it adds that bit of authenticity, bloggers grow to be buddies (most of us). In your case, though, if you aren't going to go personal (and not everyone needs to) then I'm fine with knowing you as Boyhowdy. I can respect your inclination towards privacy and see no reason that you have to "get personal" unless you want to.
I'd be interested to see what you decide. My blog's completely anonymous, apart from the fact that I am British. I haven't even mentioned my gender, race or age, let alone anything more specific. This was because I was interested to see what reaction I'd receive, and what assumptions people make, when there is no information but the writing. That's not advice, by the way.
It took me a while to come out from behind the cover of my 'nickname' and claim all that I write as my own. But, in the end, it is a product of my creativity and, therefore, I should be woman enough to stand behind my words.
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