Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Randomalia 

On second thought, if you're not interested in having PETA send you information about how soy is "just like" meat, don't apologize to a cow. "Magical" plant, indeed.

Green is so overrated. This campus looks so much nicer when it's snowing. Trees, too.

When your boss forgets to invite you to the big meeting about "the management of the information commons," it's pretty clear that s/he doesn't see you as a potential candidate, isn't it? Especially humbling when you think you're the most logical choice. And it doesn't help to be asked in afterwards, in the name of "bringing everyone to the table." Table my ass.

Speaking of the workplace, pictures of our new Library Information Commons are up on the web. Neat stuff, huh? Gotta love that 42 inch screen collaborative workstation.

I'm so overdue for a facial trim, my students are starting to look at me funny. If only there was an appropriate way to say "the stray hairs on my chest are not pubes."

Would an iPod drown out the songs that echo in my head? Would I still want one if it did?

Back to blogexplosion -- ratings don't scare me! Though keeping the hitcounter up is such hard work...

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I love cows and find them to be great listeners (and don't even mind if you sing to them out-of-key), but I can't say I'd apologise for eating them.

To abuse a cliche, why else would they be made of meat?

Oh, and thanks for the visit.

- Pie (of
I got into a posting argument on the library wall with PETA last year. They started putting their crap up, so I started putting up a poster I did showing vegans snapping and going after meat, zombie-style, and devouring people alive.

Additionally, as a gourmet, and an appreciator of tofu, tofu is NOT ANYTHING LIKE meat. But you know what, Peta? There's a part of me that's just like tofu. And you can kiss it.
awwww....Josh. You and yer anti-PETA kick again. Ya make 'em sound like they're the Ku Klux Klan or somethin'.

I've decided that, as a Hanukkah gift this year, I'm gonna make a donation to PETA in the name of Willow Farber. ;)
Shaw, PLEASE don't do that.

As I've shown in my previous posts on the subject, PETA is a self-aware, militant organization that is proud to choose animals over people, pets over families, and fervor over logic.

They are one of the worst contributors to the mass disconect between logic and emotion that is currently occuring in this country. They deserve counteradvocacy, not cash.

And if you really do contribute money to PETA, I'll have to kill you. And your little dog, too. But not until I finish this here steak...
"They are one of the worst contributors to the mass disconect between logic and emotion."

Funny, I always said that about teachers...

You know, you COULD make a donation to the NRA in my name in response.

Why are you so intent on eating my dog? He's all covered with flea powder and stuff. YUCK!
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