Monday, October 18, 2004

You'll Never Know, Dear 

Happy surprises by the trifecta today, or what's a blog for?

1. A warm grinnable moment at the Box Car restaurant in Erving tonight, just over halfway home:
I love you, Willow.

I love you too, Daddy.

You make me happy, kid.

When skies are gray?

2. Molly is coming tomorrow! Molly is coming tomorrow! Good thing Willow fell asleep early, or we'd never have answered the phone.

3. Email today from the invisible supervisor in which he called me "the mac-daddy of blogging" and called me "the ideal person to tinker with" his latest project (which is supposed to remain secret, so no blogmention yet...but ooooh, just you wait). Nice to feel valued at work these days.

Mention of invisibility, incidentally, should in no way be taken as criticism; in the past two months the guy has accomplished creation of a brand new Info Commons and a total renovation of our scheduling and grading software via Apple's PowerSchool. And now this secret project, which promises to transform the way we think of writing and technology, not to mention fundamentally shift our currently ivy-walled relationship between the school itself and the world outside. A pretty damn good year for IT and Ed Tech so far, Jon -- can't wait to see, and be a part of, whatever's next.

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You so be pimpin', G. Can I be the Daddy Mac of blogging? Or maybe the Mommy Mac?
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