Wednesday, October 06, 2004


For over a hundred years our school teams have been the Hoggers -- named, nominally, for the pigfarmers who first founded the place as an evangelical haven where hard work was seen as a path out of poverty for a rising generation of the best and brightest. School archivist Peter likes to say that we were once a farm with a school, and now we're a school with a farm. And how far have we come from our pastoral past?

Introducing Normon, Northfield Mount Hermon School's newly unveiled mascot and the sixth sign of the apocalypse.

I must admit, I'm prety proud of our students, who seemed to catch the tension between our recently restated goal to be competitive among the world of prep schools -- none of whom have a mascot of this type, I might add -- and the pink fuzzy harbinger of doom that appeared before them at this past Monday's all school meeting. Normon -- named for the school, as in NORthfield Mount HerMON -- tried his damndest to get the crowd pumped up, but the vast majority of us were so horrified all we could do was drool, our jaws dropped and our eyes bugged, while the good name of our prep school went down in pink flames.

Prepare to be laughingstocks, folks. Good luck with that new one-campus thing.

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Wait, why is that gay pig dancing??
Actually he looks like he's doing the safety dance

We can dance, we can dance...
This is so funny. It reminds me of a piece I heard on NPR one day when the Olympics were just getting underway. The commentator was making fun of the Olympic mascots. Then he started talking about mascots in general and how some of them are really goofy. I think he said that Stanford's mascot is a tree. Not really sure how a tree can run onto the field before the game. Anyway- enjoy your pig :)
Ahhh! Shaw, it took me two weeks to get that song OUT of my head, and now you put it back in...

Worse, I didn't just have the song stuck in my head, I had the VIDEO. Midgets in rennaisance garb dancing jigs...erg.

As for WHY the pig is dancing -- I think it's supposed to be posing, like a muscle-man type thing. But then, for some reason, his entrance on stage at that meeting was to some hiphop thing: "when I say huh, you say hah, huih, hah, huh, hah, when I say huh, you say hah..." So maybe he's doing a rapper thing, and I'm just so (deliberately) clueless I don't get it either.
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