Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Red Moon / Red Sox 

The sky above has cleared from cloudy. The eclipse is total now, the moon bloodred and whole, and us between it and the sun making it so, like curled fingers in a flashlight makes a handshadowed bunny on a campcabin wall. Seeing this evidence I can for once envision Asia opposite us bright in sunlight. This is the way that an eclipse makes the heavens real, as never before.

On the television behind me the 7th inning stretch, God Bless America sung by Creed frontman Scott Stapp (a major improvement on Donna Summer, IMHO, if only because I prefer the emotionally raw simplicity, warts and all, to the overperformance), Red Sox vs. Red Birds with the home team almost at the close of a four-in-four series, an eight game postseason sweep just minutes away.

And my brain is red, tired and frustrated, burning with weeks of consecutive pain. The MRI said herniated disk, and though I' not sure what I'm looking at when I see 'em, the X-ray-like series, six oversized pages at eight shots per sheet, fascinate and make me queasy in a way that my innards never have before. And so we begin phase two of my pain management tomorrow, at the ominously-named Spine and Sports Clinic downtown.

The next total eclipse of the moon will not be until March 2007. The next Red Sox Series may be sooner (but maybe not). A herniated disk is a permanent condition.

The Earth will move out of the way, and the summer season will end as it always does, but my back will never be the same.

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I dunno - I kinda thought Stapp breathed way too heavily when he sang.

I tried to see the eclipse, and instead, SMOG blocked my view. :(

Thus, the sucky stuff you get when you live in Connecticut.
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