Saturday, October 23, 2004


Though Blogger's profiles aren't updated enough to be accurate, according to my own count, I've got only 18 more posts until I blog my 1000th entry...and just three weeks until my second bloggiversary!

Any and all suggestions of-and-for and appropriate celebratory gesture or two would be especially welcome. I think Shaw's suggestion to redesign may turn out to be the winner...but let's see what else ya got, world!

Incidentally, other dubiously notable profile info includes the fact that I've written over 277,960 words in the blog since I started blogging way back in November 2002. One can't help but wonder how many novels that would have been. Sigh.

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If at all possible, try to publish your 1000th post on your 2nd blogging anniversary.

The folks at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) define a novel as 50000 words mimimum. By that count, you could have written 5 or so novels. But given the state of the publishing world, if you'd done that, your regular readers would have almost certainly been deprived of everything you have given us.

David writes: If at all possible, try to publish your 1000th post on your 2nd blogging anniversary. A good idea, and I had high hopes that things were going to work out that way several months ago. However, after giving it serious thought, I've decided that it would drastically change the way I blog.

Imagine trying to decide for each entry if THIS was the one that was going to have to be held back to make it come out right, or THAT one; if this topic would have been ordinarily worth blogging but not if I wanted to make the numbers come out right; if this entry needed to be combined with three others so I could actually be blogging at the correct rate to make it just on time and no more...well, you get the point -- my concern is that the whole deliberate nature would seriously compromise the tonality, the subjective quality and relevance of my blogging, moreso as we got evercloser to the actual date (which tuns out to be more like 28 days from now, so there'd also have to be a whole mess o' days with no blogging at all to make it work.)

This blogging is no game -- I do it for posterity (my daughter, one day, to have a record of my thoughts in her childhood), and for my sanity, and only tertiarily for the universe at large (though that's a close second, since it serves my ego well to be read and appreciated, and to be part of the blogging recipro-community). It would be just awful, both for me and the blog overall, if it suddenly was. And having some neat number trick result isn't worth those high stakes.

If it accidentally turned out that way...I'd run out and buy a lottery ticket, quick. But I suspect we'll hit 1000 about a week before, maybe even more. I guess it's just plumb worth keeping myself honest to have the numbers come out that far off.
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