Wednesday, October 27, 2004

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I'm going to be interviewed as an expert on media and the political process as part of this Thursday's live (mock) election night coverage for VOTES2004 (Voting Opportunities for Teenagers in Every State), a nationwide month-long project "that makes politics more fun, interesting, and understandable for young people while teaching them the importance of the voting process" hosted by our very own Northfield Mount Hermon School.
Two schools from each state participate in the highlight of the month-long project—a mock election at which a winner is declared just days before the general election. The VOTES election is unique in that it simulates the electoral college process of selecting a candidate: the winner must earn at least 270 out of 538 electoral votes.

The results speak for themselves: In 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000 voter turnout among the schools that sent their votes to NMH averaged 75 to 80 percent—almost twice the national turnout average—totaling some 50,000 votes. Student voters successfully predicted the winner each time. Will they in 2004?

The goal of my own presentation is to discuss how changes in media over time have changed the face of elections and presidencies in US culture -- that, and to kill time while we're waiting for results to come in from the other participating schools across the county (gee, it is just like a real election!). Given the high school audience level and the relatively short time frame, the presentation should be broad but interesting to mediageeks and punditgeeks alike.

I'm told I'll be on for about ten minutes, starting at about 7:10 or so.

The broadcast stream is only 22k, and the stream only allows 75 users, but the event goes from 7 to 9:30 -- I don't expect too much traffic that early in the evening. Come listen to me make a fool of myself!

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K - listening. Why are they playing "If The Aliens Came" twice??

Oops...oh wait, you're on TOMORROW! Not tonite! K - that answers everything. Gonna drink more coffee before I surf blogs from now on...
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