Friday, October 22, 2004

I'm In Love With A Technology 

I've just spent the past five hours scripting my own damn TiddlyWiki, despite zero knowledge of any of the scripts involved, and made a royal mess of the damn thing. You'd think I'd know better by know, but this brand new...thing makes me grateful for the time spent. It must be love -- I actually wish I knew the scripts involved, just so I could show it to you all...and I've never, EVER yearned to be a scripter, period.

TiddlyWiki is a beautiful, blow-you-away tool on a scale my tech-jaded eyes haven't seen in a decade or more. The potential for technical documentation alone is endless. Even more scary: how about TiddlyWiki as a platform for self-directed, just-in-time, just-as-much, user-individualized instruction? Heck, TiddlyWiki solves every clunky interface-slash-steep learning curve problem that kept non-linear writing from being the next big thing way back in 1990. Somewhere, a hundred post-Bolter-era English PhDs are drooling.

Click here to get sucked into the TiddlyWiki votex...but don't say I didn't warn you.

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