Sunday, October 31, 2004

Don't Kill Your Television, Save TV Culture Instead 

Never been a big fan of bumper stickers. My feeling has been, anything that can be stated that simply is too open to interpretation, too easily (mis)understood as the totality of what a driver believes, and too limited in depth to represent the real complex world-as-it-is.

Attempts to iluminate in such minimalist form often end up confusing instead. Or worse: whenever I see a "Don't believe in abortion? Don't have one!" sticker I cringe, wondering why anyone would so proudly admit their total misunderstanding and ignorance of the polar position. Guess I felt my solipsitic world wasn't so black and white to allow for such bold statements.

But I saw one that said "You don't have to believe everything you think" on an otherwise clean bumper down in Northampton yesterday.

And it made me think.

So maybe I was wrong. After all, Not All Who Wander Are Lost, and everyone should know it.

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