Monday, October 25, 2004

Behind The Music 

A problematic evening in the studio, then, what with the back still broken, the mosquitoes come in from the cold, and the tape output not outputting -- that last meaning no mix tape made from tonight's show for car listening throughout the week, a sore disappointment now that I've gotten used to taking these shows home with me.

The phone rang only once, while I was on-air; I got off quick and not so smooth, but not fast enough to hear anyone but a dial tone. My scarf -- the long yarn scarf in fall brownorange given Darcie two Christmases ago from the grab bag at her parent's house, promptly stolen for its colors and worn all winter as it stretched down to my knees on both sides, or was it last Christmas -- got caught in the wheels of the rolling chair and almost didn't make it out. I was so flustered I played the wrong Asleep At The Wheel song -- and here I was so looking forward to "My Baby Thinks She's A Train."

Plus, I had to pee really bad for most of the set.

The music was great, though. No skips or scratches, a couple of great sequences and grooves, and some amazingly smooth and serendipitous transitions. Sure hope someone was out there listening. For what it's worth, here's tonight's playlist, with the usual separators representing bedtime stories read over the airwaves -- poems tonight, Philip Levine and other dark moody men, fluid and full of silences, befitting a night of disasters nobody heard.

Tributary 10/25/04

Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Fat Soul
De La Soul -- The Magic Number
Elvis Costello -- Red Shoes
Galactic -- Tiger Roll
Bob Marley -- Jammin'
Phish -- Back On The Train

Joan Osborne -- St. Theresa
Lyle Lovett w/ The Chieftans -- Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Asleep At The Wheel -- Take Me Back To Tulsa
Del McCoury Band w/ The Chieftans -- Rain And Snow
Rhonda Vincent -- You're In My Heart
The Persuasions -- Dry Bones
The Posies -- I'm Looking Through You
Jeff White -- Tennessee Stud

Yo La Tengo -- Magnet
Patty Griffin -- Making Pies
Deb Talan -- Two Points
Great Big Sea -- Ordinary Day
Glen Phillips -- Have A Little Fun With Me
Jazz Is Dead -- Scarlet Begonias

String Cheese Incident -- Search
The Be Good Tanyas -- Oh Susanna
Nickel Creek -- Out Of The Woods
David Wilcox -- Leave It Like It Is
Patty Larkin -- Tango
Patty Griffin -- Take It Down

You've been listening to Tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show here on WNMH 91.5 fm. Tune in next week for another two hours of lullabyes and longing, lightness and laughter, and love, radio-style.

Outside, the leaves fall, a thousand footsteps under a bright moon.

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