Thursday, October 14, 2004

Baby Nostalgia 

Met up with "the girls" today at the dining hall amidst the chaos; since they were late and I had already eaten I got to hold chubbybaby Zinnia (whom Darcie watches two mornings a week) while Darcie was off getting food for two.

Zinnia, it seems, had already eaten.

It was nice to have Willow scream "Daddy's here!" and run into my arms when they finally arrived. But in some ways, it was even nicer to recognize the faint smell of spit-up on my shoulder throughout the rest of the workday.

I'm so ready for another kid. We're thinking April 21st or so, but we're trying not to jinx it, so don't tell anyone, okay?

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Reading this post heartens me. I know a few folks who are relatively new parents who seem convinced that one would have to be nuts to do it again (and, by implication, that one might be nuts to consider doing it a first time), so it's good to see someone who's psyched about having a second kid. :-)
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