Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sonic You 

You know it's going to be a good show when the funky falsetto beat of "Stayin' Alive" is coming through the autofeed as you arrive in the basement broadcast studio. Then you find out that only one CD deck is working. Need more be said?

Here's tonight's funky stuff, awkwardly played & with plenty of stupidrandom chatter in between each song to fill the sound of me changing the damn CD over. How embarassing -- good thing I forgot to tape the show.

Tributary 9/27/04

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Barenaked Ladies -- Alternative Girlfriend
De La Soul -- The Magic Number
Willie Nelson w/ Los Lonely Boys -- Cisco Kid
The Bats -- Daddy's Highway
Kasey Chambers -- Not Pretty Enough

Jazz Is Dead -- Scarlet Begonias
Alison Brown -- Mambo Banjo
Jack Johnson w/ DJ Logic -- Rodeo Clowns
Galactic -- Tiger Roll
Lizzie West -- Sometime

Oysterband w/ Chumbawumba -- This Is The Voice
The Waifs -- London Still
Nenes -- No Woman, No Cry
Richard Thompson -- Kiss
Medeski Martin & Wood -- Reflector

Lonnie Mack -- From Me To You
NMH Chorus -- Jerusalem
Lucy Kaplansky -- I Had Something
some random pianist -- 'S Wonderful
Patty Griffin -- Long Ride Home
Dixie Chicks -- Truth No. 2
Eva Cassidy -- American Tune

You've been listening to Tributary, your ten to midnight show here on WNMH 91.5 FM. Damn it.

posted by boyhowdy | 12:01 AM |

U ever plan on taking requests from da blog?
Of course, man. In fact, I've already done so -- someone asked about Lizzie West last week, which is why I played her this week!
I've heard the new Kasey Chambers album doesn't hold a candle to "Barricades and Brickwalls". Any comments?
I'd like to make a request from the new CD "SMiLE" by Brian Wilson. I'll leave the song choice up to you...all the songs are good from it. Listening to it (again) right now. Just really beautiful...
hey you played lizzie west! she has a new site where you can download for free her new song...you should check it out!
Anne: I've heard the new Kasey Chambers album doesn't hold a candle to "Barricades and Brickwalls". Any comments?Sure.

I'm totally broke and haven't bought much in the way of CDs for a long while (though I finally broke down last week and am now waiting for the most recent Jim White album from Amazon). The one KC cut that seems to be hitting the local radio station 'round here seems catchy, but a bit thinner/shallower than previous works. I'd hate to make the call based on the single, though.

That said, it's hard to imagine any album topping "Barricades."

Incidentally, since I won't be buying SMiLE either, I'm not able to take Shaw's request either. But I did hear some cuts behind an NPR story about the making-of-the last week, and enjoyed them muchly.

Thanks to all for continuing to broaden my musical horizons! Now lets check out that Lizzie West link...
I'll try to burn you a copy...I think it's somethin' you'd dig, and it's somethin' that I think many people should hear. I *think* I know your address (I sent you a copy of the "last" (?) issue of the Voice a few days ago).
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