Sunday, September 26, 2004

New Balance 

Size 8.5, and discounted to $39.95

Not sure if a week's worth of muscle-and-bone readjustment in the face of waxing/waning back-trouble is the origin or merely the motivation to notice what has always been there, but one leg has started seeming longer than the other, and I've just noticed this week how my right foot splays out towards one o'clock while my left points straight ahead when I walk. Which is cause, and which effect? All I know is I'm walking funnier than I used to, and though it looks like a pimp limp, it's mostly a pain.

But man, I sure felt better the moment I stepped into these babies at The Barn today. So I bought 'em. Here's hoping no one minds if I wear clear white sneaks to work, or notices how far off I've come from my usual brown suede Rockport style. And why is it the shoes I like are, inevitably and always, already discontinued?

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8.5? damn...

I dunno - I always get the discontinued shoes too for some reason. It's like the shoes of choice for squares like us.
classic postural imbalance symptoms all round, mate.

EITHER: go to Quincey Rabot in Haslemere in engerland
OR: buy & try this (recommended by quincey with a wry smile as the book putting him out of business):

The "exercises" are effortless stretches, the results you'll start to feel within a day or two. Feet straightening up, back straightening, shoulders relaxing, etc. etc. Best £10 I've ever spent.
Not being bloody likely to make it to the BritIsles anytime soon (let's see, ten pounds plus airfare and hotel accommodations comes out to...holy crack!), I'll take a book look ASAP. Might turn out to be even more needed, come to think of it, if I end up a licenseless walkabout after this afternoon's magistrate hearing.

Thanks oodles for the rec, Sal.
My pleasure mate. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me. And good luck this arvo!
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