Tuesday, September 07, 2004

l337speak Chic  

Pouring my vocational energies into developing the perfect reality-cracking mindset for the new library information commons the past days, most joyfully through the mentorship of a new band of workjob students. We've already got a livejournal going -- their idea, and their work setting it up -- and a virtual conference space for discourse, wherein I continue to remind them that we're not technicians but information coordinators and literacy teachers, and try to engender a service model of proactive humility.

Great stuff; great kids. Their eagerness to help discover what it is we all do reinvigorates me.

In thinking about how to describe our role, today's threaded discussion about possible nametag phrases produced the following tongue-in-geekchic possibilities:
  • Ask me -- I'm smarter than you!

  • Ask me! I'm experienced and suave!

  • Ask me -- I'm l337

  • Right click on me for help!

  • F1

  • Likes evenings by fireplaces, long walks on the beaches, and helping with homework. Wait, what?

  • Big Brother

Though all are too geeky to use (we'll probably go with information commons assistant), I will forever treasure the envisioned snorts of laughter resonating through the ether once we started tossing these around. Ah, it's good to be teaching again...can't wait 'till the media literacy class kicks in next week, what with the elections and all.

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Hi, I just linked to your blog off the Velveteen Rabbi's site (which I'm also new to). I'm a fellow blogger at http://www.deepsoil.com who is teaching a class on major world religions at a community college in Los Angeles. From reading some of your blog, it seems that you are also in the education field, and apparently Jewish, and so I was wondering if you could recommend resources for my section on Judiasm that's coming up next month. If you follow that link, you can click on my "e-mail me" link and respond that way if you'd like. Thanks for your time, and great blog design!
I dig the idea of a buncha F1's. Sounds like a bad techno group from the 80's.
dude - yer gettin' a lotta folks suddenly diggin' yer blog. That haircut worked wonders man . . .
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