Friday, September 24, 2004

Boing BOING! 

"Directory of wonderful things" Boing Boing living up to its subtitle today: pretty much everything there* is good and subjectively relevant, but especially the following media-slash-popcult items:

I could keep going but that's the great thing about the web: just go there, okay? Non-mediageek news includes some nifty dating product sites, and did you know that the maker of twinkies just filed for Chapter 11?

*Major exception to today's wonderfulnes: BB contributor Cory Doctorow posts a link to his recent short story collection and his entire acceptance speech from a recent awards ceremony celebrating the recognition of said short story colection, even though Doctorow himself had a friend read the speech, and didn't actually attend said event. Bad self-aggrandizing Doctorow; no link for you.

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