Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Better Late Than Ever 

Traded library duty shifts this week so we can go see Crooked Still (and dear friend and opening act Peter Siegel) down at the Iron Horse Thursday night; ended up finishing up that library shift on one campus at ten...when I'm supposed to start the radio show at the same time, six miles and one police station away on the other campus.

Which meant no time to stop for coffee. And a rush job getting started. Also, an owl flew up out of the darkness and scared the shit out of me just before midnight when I stepped out for a smoke in the moonlessness, and I'm still shaking.

Hope this seems up to the usual standards, folks.

Tributary 9/13/04

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Spacehog -- Senses Working Overtime
Trey Anastasio -- Cayman Review
Manu Chao -- Me Gustas Tu
Nellie McKay -- David
Dan Zanes -- Wonderwheel
Aimee Mann & Michael Penn -- Two Of Us
The Jayhawks -- Save It For A Rainy Day
Muddy Waters -- You Need Love
Joss Stone -- Fell In Love With A Boy
The Biscuit Boys -- Ramblin' Fever
Patty Griffin -- Love Throw A Line
Ben Harper -- Please Bleed
Kris McKay -- Wish You Were Here
Billy Bragg w/ Wilco -- My Flying Saucer
Ware River Club -- I Love Her, She Loves Me
Dusty Springfield -- Son Of A Preacherman
Acoustic Syndicate -- Crazy Town
Shawn Colvin -- Say A Little Prayer
Daniel Lanois -- Falling At Your Feet
The Be Good Tanyas -- Rain And Snow
Owen Hand -- She Likes It
Crooked Still -- Last Fair Deal Gone Down

You've been listening to Tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show here on WNMH 91.5 FM, bringing you the best of all genres week after week. Listen -- it'll make you glad your radio works.

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Dan Zanes is soo cool . Have you heard the stuff he puts out for kids? Or, alternately, did you know he used to be in The Del Fuegos?
I did know he does great stuff for kids -- we saw Dan Zanes at the family stage at Clearwater festival this summer, because I made a point to go see him, and he rocked. Bonus: Zanes advocates having a "family band," and performs with his own kids (and nieces). Added bonus: both Nields (and kidNield), and Patty Larkin (and kidLarkin) showed up to see him, too!

UnBonus: I've never really listened to the Del Fuegos. Did know Zanes has creds from somewhere before the kiddie stuff emerged; it's nice to know from whence he came.
No time for coffee?! I could not function at all without coffee.

From your playlist it looks like you have a great radio show. You may want to give Mindy Smith a listen if you have not already. She is a Nashville singer/songwriter and just released her first album. Several of the songs would make a great addition to your playlist.
The coffee thing is a pure and serious time issue -- the smalltown market where I usually get coffee on my way to the radio station closes at ten, and nothing else was open. As someone who averages between 60 and 72 oz. of coffee a DAY, this was pretty serious. The apple I found in the cupholder was a pisspoor substitute; next time, I'll keep a Pepsi in the car so I can at least get the caffeine.

As for Mindy Smith: thanks for the rec. I'd heard her do a great Dolly Parton cover on one of my favorite cover albums, now sadly stuck in the broken CD player in the car...and since her full album release, have been hearing her new single on local radio station The River, but am a bit behind in my CD purchasing due to financial issues. Still, she's on the list!
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