Saturday, September 11, 2004

ADHD In The...O Look, I'm In The Paper! 

This Fark-found article about Adults Being Diagnosed With ADHD seemed potentially interesting, but for some reason I had trouble staying with it 'till the end. Wonder why?

Ten years and counting past a partial ADHD and visual processing disability diagnosis, and I, did I mention that our visit to the fair yesterday made the paper? I had to scan in the pic, as unfortunately The Republican doesn't include 'em in its online edition -- but I swear, this is the pic which accompanied this article:

So much for playing hooky -- now everyone will know why I took the day off!

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Everyone seems to be in the paper lately (for good reasons, not bad.)

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My secret to rich, luxurious hair?

I have the world's thickest hair. More follicles per inch than most, and, with a blonde/red/brown combo, each hair is thicker than the average.

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Actually, we're all still waiting for you to talk about which hair gel you're using...
You need gel for that?? Er...I mean....isn't Willow cute...
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