Friday, August 13, 2004

Why not? 

Why can't telemarketers just say "Hi, I'm a telemarketer, and we're selling ______. Interested?" I mean, half of why we hate the telemarketing pitch is how time-consuming it is just to say "no." If we got rid of the fake-out, we might be more willing to listen in the first place...and if not, why then the telemarketer could save some time for the next call, and the next. (Yes, I know telemarketers are rewarded for the time they manage to keep people on the line. But my point is that this pressure is based on a faulty assumption -- the correlation between the fifty second call and the sale is surely false.)

Don't get me wrong -- I like talking to strangers on the phone. It's just that slime and evasiveness bother me. Are people really MORE likely to buy something if they're interrupted during dinner by someone desperate, using evasive language? Even with the social revile-ation of the coldcall sales strategy in the last decade?

Also, while we're on the subject of life, the universe, and everything, why is it that I can only cook decently at other people's houses? Why can't my daughter pronounce the letter L? And who let the dog out? She was in the outdoor kennel when I left her that morning; it's hard to believe she scaled a six foot chainlink fence.

Sorry. It's been another two days of Willowwatch while Darcie nine-to-fives it -- the Magic Wings butterfly gardens, Yankee Candle, and an afternoon making playdoh snacks and reading books to an imaginary library lady named, apparently, Wiz . I'm pretty burnt out.

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