Wednesday, July 14, 2004

What's On Is Off 

Otto's closing down the "What's on....right now?" meme, leaving us with one last poke at the popcult:

So: What's On your favorite tv show list Right Now?

Not much. Even in summer, I prefer to read.

I'm liking Futurama reruns on the cartoon Network late at night, though, and will often stay for Hunger Force. VH1 rocks my wicked world with the kitsch of my childhood, especially now that they Love the 80s and the 90s. CSI still holds my attention -- something about the dark lighting. Still trying to watch my first episode of Sex and the City, but haven't made it yet. And we're off to tape Monk in a few.

As for the meme -- a hearty thanks to Otto for helping us fill the page with oddities once in a while when the brain otherwise froze. Though over a dozen still played weekly, other sporadics like myself will miss the mindprompt, too. Seems the meme-as-concept plays better as a one-shot in this crazy 15-second world.

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