Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Up And Down 

Darcie wanted to clean the house, and who am I to say no? So Willow and I got out of her hair with a nice long morning down Holyoke way: an hour at the Children's Museum, three rides on the restored merry-go-round on the way out, Happy Meals two blocks over, a stop for cake and hugs at the Northampton sandwich shop where Ginny works the closing shift. Lots of kisses and gleeful smiles. The wee towheaded one even threw her head back on the merry go round and screamed "this is fun!" a couple of times.

Three miles from home, Willow recognized the scenery, and asked about Mommy.

Me: Mommy's been cleaning the house for us all day, honey.

Willow: That's okay, Daddy. I'll make a big mess soon.

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