Sunday, July 18, 2004

Between Festivals 

Green River Fest yesterday with the family, including my brother and his girlfriend. Gillian Welch, Jeffrey Foucalt, Hot Tuna, Donna the Buffalo, the Mosquitoes, Lori McKenna. Sushi on the lawn, and a rainbow and sunset. Sunburnt neck. Pix taken but so far unposted. Brother and girlfriend stayed over, precluding blogging.

Rynfest today with brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Big Fuzz, Soulive, Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson, Levon Helms. Much on-and-off rain, and lots of ex-students. Danced for hours. Left early and exhausted for packing.

Tomorrow through next Monday: Falcon Ridge Folk off in Hinsdale, NY. A good time guranteed, but good thing the music doesn't start 'til Thursday. I need a couple danceless days before my back and knees recover.

Have a great week, folks! I'll be back on the 26th or so.

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