Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Woah Nellie 

Nellie McKay, nineteen and rising fast

Now that I can confirm with the prehistory listings on Nellie's dotnet un-corporate website, it turns out that I did see still-teen Nellie McKay in her early awkward year, opening for someone (Susan Werner? Erin McKeown?) last June at the Iron Horse. I thought she sounded and looked familiar. Good thing I remembered, because now that she's going to be opening for Sting and Lou Reed, odds are she's not going to be playing any more small gigs for a while. Some great live stuff on that dotnet site, by the way.

I seem to be having a Nellie McKay day. And the Onion A/V Club is right there with me, posting a prime interview with Ms. McKay as this week's feature. Will someone remind me to send Dad a copy of the album? Thanks.

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