Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Trickledown Popularity 

Getting a lot of hits from sushiesque and fuz's the "the terrorists have already won" randomizer over the past few days. A while ago, I dropped a link (okay, four links) to this here blog into the randomizer; now, with the total list of random things-that-mean-the-terrorists-have-won fast approaching the eight hundredth, a trackback (with reinvigorate) shows an evidentially causal, close temporal correlation between mega-A-lister Jason Kottke's mention of selfsame randomizer and the influx of hits I am now experiencing.

The numbers are neat. There are currently thousands of visitors to Kottke's site every day; of these, some surely smaller number actually move on through this single smalltext line, one of Kottke's magnificently integrated remaindered links (Kottke's favorite: "If a man can't attend a rock concert with a fried chicken bucket on his head, that means the terrorists have already won!"). Of those, figure one in 200 actually encounter my link at all.

Of those, about fifty a day have actually chosen to clink on the link, and show up.

Hi, folks. *waves*

Right place at the right time? Or successful (albeit accidental) marketing, using a "sleeper" link in a site sure to eventually be picked-up-and-promoted by a high-volume a-lister? Hmm.

[UPDATE 7/1/04 9:06 a.m. -- thanks to fuz for some more accurate numbers, via his own stats, left in the comments. I've made a few modifications accordingly.]

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