Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Top Ten CDs, Take Two 

What a difference a year makes! Last years top ten CD list, compiled a year ago this week, seems similar in genre, but the turnover in artistic personnel (or, in some cases, new artistic works) is significant. Guess I'm just a sucker for the next good thing, especially during the school year; running the radiowaves every Monday night keeps me up on things, as does local radiofave The River. Note, too, the gender imbalance -- not sure what to make of it, but there it is. Anyway, in no particular order, then, as before:

1. Nellie McKay, Stay Away From Me
2. Sarah Harmer, Almost
3. Lucy Kaplansky, The Red Thread
4. Nickel Creek, This Side
5. Erin McKeown, Grand
6. Various Artists, Just Because I'm a Woman: The Songs of Dolly Parton
7. Donna The Buffalo, Live from the American Ballroom
8. Various Artists, Roots Music: An American Journey
9. Various Artists, Sing Along with Putmayo
10. Various Artists, Into the Music: Jam Bands, Vol. 1

Okay, number nine is a kids' album, but until you've heard Keb' Mo' cover Love Train, you haven't heard nothin'. Also-rans include several other cover albums, including the recent NRBQ tribute; guess it's been a good year for compilations and covers. Or maybe my subjective fave-list is affected heavily by a purchasing strategy designed to net the broadest possible musicianship for the buck? Well, it would be nice to think my buying habits were so deliberate.

Incidentally, had we been a little less broke this year, most of The River's album of the year winners would surely be vying for a rosterspot; feel free to buy me any or all of these if you're feeling particlarly generous, and I will love you forever. Also, as before, list is subject to change once folkfestival season swings back into action.

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