Wednesday, June 23, 2004


The serendipitiousness of the universe continues to amaze me. After a trip to the mall yesterday for kitch-and-silver wedding guest giveaways, and while Darcie sews silk flowers onto hats for her sister's big event this Saturday, the everpresent Onion runs the following as this week's statshot:

I think our own top wedding cost was the Jazz quartet, though I know the hall wasn't cheap, either. But having not handled a cent, I can't be sure.

Incidentally, up in Brattleboro for tonight's celebratory barbecue (long-time music teacher Mitch is retiring, and the sibs and 'rents took him out to thank him), my mother-in-law pointed out that all these images are hell for the dial-up crowd. My apologies to those whom, like my in-laws, have no choice but to suffer through slow modem speed; here's hoping the world will figure out some tesla-like solution before rural living becomes inherently info-lite, thus demeaning the promise of the net.

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