Monday, June 28, 2004

Strawberry Season 

The strawberries came early this year, and finished early; though iconographic pic-and-arrow signs still litter the byways, we arrived at the pick-your-own slathered up with sun lotion only to find the place deserted. A small boy trundling a tiller down a dusty road out of the fields, mumbly but ultimately informative, informed us of the season's close. We bought a decent quart at the local market on the way home, but it wasn't the same.

Later, after a grilled hot dog lunch by the newly set-up camper, Darcie turned the berries into a dipped-chocolate and nutflour biscuits caketwoer for her mother's birthday while Willow and I wandered off to a new playground down by the river in Turner's Falls. We spun and rode the metal merry go round until we were dizzy. Ah, summer. It's nice to have an activity just for us. And there's plenty more untried playgrounds out there.

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