Sunday, June 27, 2004

O Brother-In-Law, Where Art Thou 

Is it really Sunday already? Apologies for the long delay between entries; we were back far too late last night for blogging, and left in such a rush for the road-side Connecticut Best Western on Friday I plumb forgot to leave an away message. In the future, if it's been a day or so, check out the "coming soon" listings on the sidebar.

But I've got a good excuse: A helter-skelter rapidly-planned wedding early yesterday morning, where, on a beach pavilion down in New Haven, wherein Darcie's once-beauty-queen sister Alicia hitched herself formally to long-time boyfriend Matt in the presence of just under twenty family members and friends. Willow threw petals for the equally-glowing-in-white bride as she entered, was successfully coached to bring the rings up to the couple mid-ceremony on cue, and otherwise wandered off to chase seagulls with me in tow, but I hear the ceremony was broef and wonderful despite the Justice of the Peace's wild, garish, cartoony tie and giant hoop earring. I'll try to post a few pix later.

Later, after a long overcast but rainless day beach-wandering with Willow and a heavenly coffee shop discovered with Ginny, we had a rich and wonderful reception at some fancyfine place near Yale; for me, as the designated and trying-to-lose-weight driver, that meant jumbo shrimp, fried calamari, Tanqeray and tonics and a delicious bacon-wrapped shrimp caesar salad while others threw steak on their champagne and daquiris, and a great time bouncing and blowing soap bubbles at an Egyptian eight-month-old while her parents ate next to us.

All in all, not a bad set-up for a wedding announced less than two weeks ago. And they looked really happy together. Please join me in wishing Matt and Alicia the best on their Newport Beach honeymoon!

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