Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Noun Countdown To Clearwater 

With apologies for the humdrum; it's been a fast few days, our early Friday morning first-festival leavetaking equally fast approaches. Darcie made a comprehensive hour-by-hour for tomorrow because she just thinks like that, and because it's necessary -- she's working all morning, and I'll have my hands full enough with Willow. Here's what we've still gotta do.

Things to Clean Up and Put Away: dishes, junk in car, stuff in trunk, laptop. Camper, too, but here "away" means "hitched to the back of the car."

Things to Get: batteries, strawberries, cash, directions, laundry. Milk and beer, but we'll wait until we get there. Diapers, and we won't.

Things to Pack: sunglasses, sunscreen, alarm clock, flashlight, graveyard communications tent shift reading material. Toiletries and the baby's toilet, because why not start potty-training when you're all living in an eight foot metal box? Clothes, of course: warm and cool, rain and sun, mosquitoes, night. Towels, blankets, low-backed chairs. Also see above.

The most important thing to remember: this is a test, and only a test. But if we can get it right this time, look out, Falcon Ridge.

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