Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Godblog, Vicariously 

Though I really should stop being such a mensch and start going to temple already, secretly, I use The Velveteen Rabbi to keep in touch with my inner feminist Jew. Today's play-by-play of a week at Catskill spiritual retreat Elat Chayyim is a vicarious pleasure, full of moments, like this one, that make me wish I was making time/space for a retreat, too.
He told a beautiful story about a big wave and a little wave in the middle of the ocean. The big wave was crying, and the little wave asked why. "If you could see what I can see," the big wave said, "You'd know that ahead of us are rocks. We're going to crash on the rocks and die!" The little wave offered to teach the big wave something that would remove his fear, and first the big wave asked if it would cost anything, or if he would be required to chant a bunch of mantras and stand on his head, but the little wave said no and that in fact it was only six words. So the big wave said, "Sure, teach me." And the little wave said: you're not a wave, you're water.

This one's especially for Mom, who rightly pushes me to meditate more, too. Mom, click here to see more of this website I'm talking about.

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