Friday, June 11, 2004


I wrote an awesome blogentry just now, one of the best and most deliberate in a long, long while of almost blogger's block, about a party for a Dean we loved very much who is being retired unwillingly while on sabbatical and about crying all through Reagan's "Sunset Service" (but especially Ronnie's speech, because wow, that was one of the all-time greatest) and Willow saying "I love you too much," confusing "very much" and "too," and tying the whole thing in with closure of the school year for the summer and the impending tip-of-the-tongue of what to do about the year afterwards, whether we should leave or not, and then I tried to italicize one word and the whole samn thing got lost.

The post was going to be called "farewell."

Farewell, blog entry. Stupid, stupid boy.

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