Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Also in this week's Onion: Celeblogs 

Hollyblog: a helpful guide to celebrity weblogs, and we're not talking about your usual celeb bloggers, either -- these are A-list celebs with C-list blogs, including Melanie Griffith, Billy Corgan, and that guy from Limp Bizkit. It's in the A/V Club, so it's not technically satire, but when a guide refers to itself as "helpful," you know it's going to be pretty darn hilarious.

As an added bonus for those few remaining post-Bloggercon religious bloggers who read this stuff -- hi, rachel! -- note that among the criteria noted for each celeblog, right after "Current Project" and "Overall Tone", is "Is God in the blog?" Happily (?), Corgan seems to find God everywhere, while Al Roker only pulls out the big guns when musing on his father's death, and then sweetly.

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