Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Work, and more work: grades and progress reports, and a last-minute from-scratch development of an Ed Tech webpresence (commentary welcome), due to be presented in a combined library/ed tech department meeting some eight hours from now.

In the midst of it all, a wonderful supper at the Del Ray, a mixed pate and chutney plate, a glass of pinot grigio, a tangerine-encrusted duck done rare and a half-molten chocolate mudcake under grainy espresso ice cream, all in celebration of my mother's first day of professorship at Smith, and my father's birthday over the weekend. Willow sang happy birthday at the top of her lungs and ran like a rubber ovoid in every direction at once. We got Dad a genuine Fender shirt dense with bright guitars. He seemed pleased.

The librarians decided today that my hair makes me look like Matt Damon. I've been speaking Southie in my head all evening.

Reunion set-up begins in earnest first thing Thursday. On the horizon, graveyard shifts in the Clearwater communications tent, leaving me free to enjoy Willow, Darcie, Dar, Ani, Entrain and others.

I've never looked forward to a Monday more.

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