Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Today I taught two Media Literacy overviews for 9th grade Health classes, one final day on the too-long History class I've been instructing for their web class, my Advanced Web design class, served a full two-hour shift in the Information Commons, and was on dorm duty all night.

I saw Darcie and Willow for 10 minutes at lunchtime, and thirty minutes at supper.

Tomorrow I've got two instructional sessions for basic precalculus class powerpoint and research projects, a meeting to introduce the school webmaster to the wonders of RSS, a presentation on the same subject at a Library/Media staff meeting, and another four hours in the Information Commons.

There will likely be no blogging on other topics this week, as my brain is crammed full of class prep on the fly and little else. Hope the mundania doesn't bore anyone. At this rate, I might have something interesting and non-work-related to talk about by, say, Thurday night sometime -- if I'm lucky.

Until then, why not check out the tinyblog, or my current blogreads.

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